Tuesday, August 02, 2005

My first blog!

Ok well as this seems to be the new craze, I decided I might try it as I figured it might be a nice way to keep you all updated/bore you all (delete as appropriate) with the next year of my life! Basically I'm off to the Far North province of Cameroon with VSO on the 2nd of September for a year. I'll be working in a small village in a secondary school where I'll be teaching English/coordinating HIV/AIDS activities with the kids and the wider community and doing other things like helping to run the English club etc etc, all with an emphasis on girls participation.
Not really sure what to expect as yet but the information I do have is that there are about 1000 people in my village of Moutourwa, there is electricity but no running water and temperatures reach around 50C. Suffice to say the panic is slowly beginning to set in as the countdown to departure begins but the excitement is building just as much so I guess that's alright!
Not sure how often I'll have access to a computer but when and where I do this thing will no doubt act as vent for all the mishaps, lonely moments and adventures to come.....