Thursday, February 02, 2006

Bilingualism and biscuits....

So, back to school with a vengeance! The third set of exams for the year meant that most of my first two weeks back after the holidays were spent correcting papers and filling in report cards...the one aspect of teaching that isn't quite so much fun! Things at school are getting really busy which is good, although still acred at how quickly the time is flying by. The computer project money has come through finally and so we have started to rennovate the classroom. The only problem now is that the computers that were meant to arrive in Cameroon at the beginning of September were placed on the wrong boat and sent to South Africa!! This being the case there is still no sign of computers and I'm starting to fear that we will soon have an excellent computer room with no computers!! I've been told that they're due to arrive on the 8th February but considering the arrival date has already been put back three times, I'm not holding my breath!

Preparations have also been going along nicely for Bilingual Day which is this Friday 3rd February. Our English Club has been rehearsing for a week now and we have a whole evening of activities planned with poems, sketches, a debate and songs (yes, that would be Westlife again!). Last night I had all 25 members round my house for the entire evening whilst we rehearsed, rehearsed and rehearsed again in an attempt to coordinate all those moves to the Westlife song! I even dreamed about Westlife last night......I think its driven me mad! The events are actually taking place tonight rather than on bilingual day itself.....Cameroon being the football crazy country it is, there was no chance of hosting an event on the day of the quarter final football match of the African Cup of Nations (despite the fact that it's not even Cameroon who are playing - they play on Saturday!) I've arranged for all the other English clubs in schools with VSO volunteers to come and visit Moutourwa on Saturday for a day of English Club activities although I think we will strategically have to have our break during the match else no one will turn up!

The African Cup has been keeping me away from beer for the past week and a half what with two matches a day there has been no time for bar action which has come as a welcome rest! Instead, I crowd around one of my friend's TV's with all the other 50 people who have come to see the Indomitable Lions (ie Cameroon) or anyone else for that matter, play. Fingers crossed we'll reach the final as I reckon that the atmosphere will be immense!

Other preoccupations these past few weeks have included yet another visit from home! This time my friend Xenia has come for a visit which is really nice. Like Em, she came laden down with goodies such as chocolate biscuits and numerous bars of Dairy Milk. Suffice to say I ate the entire box of choccie biscuits by myself all in the space of 20minutes....i'm still dreaming of how good they were, even if I did have stomach pains for 2 days afterwards! Having already tasted the chocolate that Em had brought over, my neighbours wasted no time in coming over straight away and raiding the fridge and chomping all the dairy milk....I think they realised that if they didn't get in there quick, they'd be none left!! Don't worry though, I did manage to grab a couple of kilo bars for myself ;)

I think Xenia's enjoying her visit so far and there's only been one incident of hideous food since she arrived (how we ever thought that dried whole fish that absolutely stunk could ever be edible, I'll never know) so all in all she's been quite fortunate! I did think she might get arrested last week when we came into Maroua as she forgot her passport, something you must never do in Cameroon if you don't have an ID card, and which is an automatic arrestable offence! Fortunatley, the policeman who got our bus on was more interested in practising his English, rather than checking our ID so she survived another day!

Anyway, off to buy the prizes for the quiz tongiht - a couple of biros and exercise books should do the trick!

Fingers crossed that it'll all go well considering this is the first thing that I've been solely reponsible for organising since being here so if it's rubbish the buck stops with me and considering we've even got the Mayor coming to watch the panic is starting to set in.....!


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