Friday, August 25, 2006


So, after a couple of months back breathing London air, I headed back out to Cameroon on the 24th August to start my final year as a VSO volunteer in the village of Moutourwa in the Extreme North of Cameroon. Setting down in Yaounde international airport, and all those fears that had built up about returning after my two month absence were fading once the familiar smells, sound of car horns and the somehow homely sights of tin roofed houses were yet again presented.

Slightly scared arriving at the airport about the usually obligatory X Raying of luggage at the customs point, before being allowed out of the airport. Wasn’t too sure how I was going to explain the 6 laptops, 2 digital cameras, various mobile phones, 3 memory sticks etc to the authorities! Fortunately a quick flash of the Cameroonian ID card, a cheeky smile and we were through unscathed!

Although back in Yaounde on Thursday night with Sam, another volunteer, the plan was to spend a few days down in the south before heading back up to Moutourwa, the main reason being the imminent marriage of my good friend Fodjo in the West province of Cameroon, in the town of Bafoussam. After dumping all 59 kilos of luggage (yep that is not a typo) at the hotel, Sam and I hit the streets of Yaounde for some good old street food – roasted chicken – and got back into the swing of things with the first of no doubt many ‘33’ beers over the next 12 months. Not too much of a late night though and we were soon home tucked up in bed getting bitten to death by the ever present mossies!


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